May 112021

We have the pleasure to present you Rebecca North from Barcelona. Rebecca is a 27 year Old spanish Woman-next-door, gifted with the face of an angel and a devilishly stunning Body. During her spare time, Rebecca Gets pleasure to sing as well as play the guitar or the piano. Her passion for music explains her hyptonic dance moves that make it impossible for you to look away. Rebecca also Gets pleasure to box as a hobby. Whether she is wearing lingerie or just a bikini, Rebecca will knock you out with her mesmerizing physique. — SPAIN, 33/27.8/35, Blonde, European

May 062021

Cindy Secret is a spanish Amateur Big tittied female born in Barcelona 27 years ago. Very Young, Cindy began to develop the forms of a femme fatale and the intensity of her look has continued to assert itself over the years. She is a very intimidating Gal who put the entire film crew in her pocket in the blink of an eye! Apart from shooting, Cindy is a dilettante, she loves … sleeping, reading in bed and cuddling her cats … — SPAIN, 35/28.1/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Apr 082021

Angelika comes from Ukraine, where she learnes and teaches how to strip and does a lot of yoga. She has a cute innocent face and a very sensual Figure! She’s the kind of person who watches carefully over herself and is able to spread a lot of positive energy all around her and working with her is simply a delight. — UKRAINE, 35/25.5/35, Blond, Euro

Apr 082021

Emilia is a 22 year Mature Cutie-next Amateur Gals Huge boobed beauties Slave female who comes from Ukraine. She’s study Law and finance at University and devotes herself to adult modeling for her pleasure, to discover a new universe and also to finance her studies. She’s a lovely & shy Woman-next-door that will bring a lot of freshness and delicacy to your desktop! — UKRAINE, 31/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Apr 082021

Lola Bellucci is an adopted Parisian with Latin women Slave stud origins. This Gorgeous brunette is simply stunning! At only 22, she is already ultra erotic in her acting. And for good reason ! When we ask her what are her hobbies she answers: sex and reading the kamasutra !!! — FRANCE, 35/28.1/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Apr 052021

Marica Chanelle is a Big boobed Woman-next Hotties-next Girlies next door who comes straight from Italy, with all that that implies in terms of shapes :-P Marica loves all types of sexual experiences, with Females and Guys, preferably if they are numerous :) Yes, she’s a sexual addict, this is why most of her performances here for iStripper will be XXX, with some unforgettable Anus insertion scenes! — ITALY, 37/31/36, Blond, Euro

Feb 042021

In recent times, Spain has offered us its Finest gems! The proof again with this wonderful Lya Missy, who looks Get pleasure this famous Australian star who captured our hearts so much … Lya is just 20 years Old, she is studying law in Barcelona, she is a Girl of a hypnotizing complexity and stunning charm! An absolute MUST for your collection — SPAIN, 37/24/35, Blondie, European

Feb 042021

Get prepared to fall in love, Getting pleasure all of us here! Here is Agatha Vega, a wonderful Red head that we have rarely had the chance to welcome. Agatha comes from Venezuela, she’s smiling, warm, funny, sweet and a real chameleon. Agatha loves the beach, swimming in the sea, and… eat! Yeah, she’s a real hedonist. No doubt she’s gonna reach our TOP 5 sales in a breath, an absolute MUST for your collection! — VENEZUELA, 33/24/37, RED HAIR, Latin Dominant Pregnant beauties

Dec 022020

Audalove is a French Photo shot model who works with the greatest! At 27, she’s a splendor of nature, so sublime that she almost becomes unreal! She loves to play characters and tease the Cam, she never sheds her angelic smile, she exudes a stunning authenticity and cuteness! An absolute must for all Big tittied lovers — FRANCE, 33/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Nov 262020

Savana Wildchild is an INCREDIBLE woman: model, costume designer and flow artist. Her passion is juggling with fire, especially with the hoop she has created with torches. He Body is sublime, Showing how sporting she is, and how much she tries to have a sain life. She came with incredible costumes and delivered very high quality Demonstrates ! Discover her without delay! — FRANCE, 35/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian