Dec 312018

Katrina Moreno is a diva from Montevideo, Uruguay. At 29 years Old only, she’s already an amazing star and it’s well deserved! She is of such a perfection that we can find it almost unreal! A Latin Enjoying we all dream of! — URUGUAY, 35/26/39, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin women cuties

Dec 272018

Shayla is just 21, she comes from Ukraine and is very new to the adult modeling. She’s a shy Slim Huge tittied with a soft skin and touching poses. Shayla dreams of moving to the United States. She plays the piano and drums and spend most of her free time at home in comfortable pyjamas, playing music and hugging her dogs… — UKRAINE, 30/23.4/31, FAIR, Euro

Dec 272018

Here is Chloe Lamoure, from Slovenia where she’s born in 1992! Chloe has an incredible Figure with a breathtaking fake Breast. Chloe started her career in 2018 and already has a very solid coverage on the Internet! Apart from her Porn activity, Chloe Enjoys fitness, reading books, especially Bukowsky, watching Clips and mollycoddle animals… She spends a lot of time with her friends and is known by them as having an immense sense of humor! — SLOVENIA, 41/28.1/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Dec 262018

Boni comes from Columbia where she’s born in 1999. Boni is a hedonist! She loves dancing, singing, she loves tasting new food and living new experiences… Her career allows her to travel all over the World and meet new people, discover new cultures and she loves it! — COLOMBIA, 34/25.8/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Chocolate

Dec 252018

Bogdana is born in Kiev in 1995. She’s quite a new face in the adult modelling and her career promises to be as long as she desires, if you consider the perfection of her Figure and her charming smile… Bogdana goes jogging EVERY DAY of the year and spends the rest of her free time reading classical literature… we can easely Picture her lying on her sofa with Big Dicks pink socks and a cup of tea :) Dancing is for her the recipe for a good mood and she Gives her the impression that she’s dancing all day long! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, Blond, Euro

Dec 242018

Alyssia Kent comes from Romania where she is born in 1991. Alyssia is very ambitious in life. She’s studying economics at the Coed PLUS she follows making up courses PLUS she recently started to learn how to pole dance… Alyssia is dynamic, smily, sensual and veeery demanding with Bisexual Beauties Gal-next-door Men, she said… — ROMANIA, 34/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Dec 232018

Paulina is a teacher! She teaches the art of stripping! She’s the one who trained Selene! Paulina is a Monster of energy and enthusiasm ! She loves life, meeting new people, travelling all over the world, she loves swimming, shopping with friends without restraint and she feels sooo good evolving in the universe of erotism ! A word about her Body ? no, absolutely useless! Open your eyes Studs, she’s stunning! — UKRAINE, 31/24/35, FAIR, European

Dec 222018

Here is Mary Blond, Teenager Hottie of 20 years Mature. Mary is russian and has many typical russian caracteristics from there : she’s Blonde, Slender, delicate, she looks shy, and has a gourmand behaviour when it comes to sexual pleasure… Mary has a little something that makes her very different from “usual” adult actresses, a little thing that can First destabilizes you before you litteraly fall in love with her! — RUSSIA, 32/22.9/31, FAIR, European

Dec 212018

IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the shooting crew: One of the most beautiful models we had the chance to welcome on iStripper. Avery is born in 1997 in Kiev, Ukraine. She’s tall, Skinny with long hair and an incredible power of seduction… In life, apart from modeling, Avery teaches English to Teen kids; she spends the rest of her time cooking and playing piano, her passions. With Avery, we approach the sublime! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, FAIR, European

Dec 202018

Olivia comes from Moscow where she’s born in 1994. A sexy Blondie with an amazing natural Hooter. She’s Blondie, with brown eyes, she has various discreet tatoos and a navel piercing. Olivia is fresh and shy, she loves to spend time with her friends, she can make whole meals only eating cakes, she’s Mad of her cat and has thousands Pictures of it in her phone… a sweetheart! — RUSSIA, 31/24/33, Blond, European