Aug 312020

Clara Rene comes from Reunion Island where she is 30 years Mature. Clara loves dancing and Gives regularly in different cabarets, she poses divinely well and her Figure allows her incredible feats! She is a traveler at heart, she seeks to live only in intensity and never lets routine settle … — FRANCE, 35/30/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina chicks

Aug 302020

Polly Pons is known as one of the most beautiful thaï model of all times ! She’s 29 and has an impressive experience in adult modeling. This Chick is simply torrid, she knows exactly how to raise your temperature! And her sexiness increases again when she Speaks in thaï ! A must for your collection! — THAILAND, 35/26/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

Aug 272020

Takha is born in Ukraine 29 years ago, but she’s a world citizen and has already lived in many many countries! Takha loves life and all its pleasures ! She has no limit and makes sure to relish new ones every single day, what she did with an obvious delight when in iStripper dressing room and on stage! You won’t be the same anymore after having watched her Exposes… Her new project is to settle in France; a word from you and we call her back :-P — UKRAINE, 33/26/37, Blondie, Euro

Aug 272020

Stella lives in France but she comes from French Antillas, country of sun, smile and twerk !! She’s just 20 years Old and yet a solid savoir-faire in twerking, and the perfect Butt for it ! Apart from stripping & twerking, Stella loves.. dancing, especially pole dancing ! She also loves going out for a walk, Paris has already no more secret for her! A tender sweetheart that will make you melt For sure! — MARTINIQUE, 33/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Ebony

Aug 272020

Valentine comes from the south west of France, where she’s born 27 years ago. Valentine became a model by pleasure, she’s an instinctive seductress and a real Huge boobed Latin beauties tittied babes. Apart from that, Valentine spends HOURS playing online games and reading novels. She also has a very good level of riding (horses!) and is passionate about martial arts ! — FRANCE, 33/24/33, RED HAIR, Euro

Aug 262020

Here is JADE ! A sweet mix between a panther and a princess. Jade lives in the south of France. She’s born 32 years ago, which you would never have guessed when seeing the perfection of her Figure and face ! When we asked her what are her passions she simply said “freedom and pleasure” – and that’s clear that this Beauty-next-door does only what she wants ! And when she feels comfortable somewhere, Getting pleasure in our studios, she Performs soooo much ! — FRANCE, 33/25.8/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Aug 252020

Verona Sky comes from St Petersburg where she’s born 29 years ago (which is Actually unbelievable when you see her perfect Figure!). She started her career in 2016 and already worked for the biggest productions! Verona is a passionate, she loves her job that allows her to have a torrid sexual life and allows her to Fulfil all her fantasies. Apart for sex, Verona loves music, dancing with friends and… having sex in music :) — RUSSIA, 34/28.1/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Aug 242020

Kitana Lure is an amazing Amateur Big tittied cutie born in Russia and living in France. Tall, long legs, long Silk fair hair, large smile, Kitana is unbelievable! She has incredible pole skills that will leave you voiceless! She’s also a very good pianist and made a good buzz on youtube playing Nothing else matters undressed ! — RUSSIA, 37/28.4/39, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Aug 232020

Audalove is a French Photo model who works with the greatest! At 27, she’s a splendor of nature, so sublime that she almost becomes unreal! She loves to play characters and tease the Camera, she never sheds her angelic smile, she exudes a stunning authenticity and cuteness! An absolute must for all Dominant girlies beauty lovers — FRANCE, 33/24/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Middle East

Aug 202020

Melody Clark is a french DJ of 26 years Old who travels the world with its turntables! She organizes worldwide ecological road trips, her other passion. She told us she works as an erotic model ONLY for pleasure ! Apart from that, she plays the guitar and LOVES Japanese culture. In short, a torrid citizen of the world ! — FRANCE, 31/26/31, BROWN-HAIRED, European