Jan 302020

Kristi comes from Slovakia, she’s 21 since yesterday :) Thin & delicate, Kristi has an incredibly Slender & perfect skin, and her angel face expresses a lot of subtle sensuality… Apart from modeling, Kristi plays the guitar, loves to sing and dance and does a lot of sports, including skiing, another of her passions! A wonderful find for the iStripper team and a must have for your collection ! — SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic), 33/25.8/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 302020

Here is Isabelle, a very rare model that you will problably find no where else! Isabelle comes from Canada, she’s a natural Huge tittied Slave female chick with infinite legs and long Silky hair. And natural in all senses, as she spends her free time riding horses, fishing & surfing! — CANADA, 33/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 302020

Liya Silver is an adult model from Russia where she’s born 20 years ago. She started her career in 2018 and already worked for the biggest! From very Teenager, Liya knew she would become a model, not only because her Figure was getting more and more incredibly sexy but also because she loves nothing more than posing in front of a Camera! Today, her Figure is so SUBLIME that it becomes almost unreal :-P A generous Tit, a Thin & delicate Body, the face of an angel and the lips of a gourmet strawberry eater. Apart from that, Liya Likes listening to music and painting, and the Huge boobed Latina ladies Cocks tattoos she Enjoys to Demonstrate off are probably a tribute to art. — RUSSIA, 35/23.4/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jan 292020

Eva Ginger is a Young Redhead born in St Petersburg 31 years ago. She studies psychology and takes acting classes. Eva has everything we love from a Red head Amateur Big tittied : a Slender & clear skin, freckles on her lovely innocent face, red pubic hair (and we appreciate that she keep them!), etc. Eva is very new in the adult modeling and she has a freshness and delicacy that make her touching & totally irresistible ! A must for your collection ! — RUSSIA, 31/24/31, RED HAIR, European

Jan 282020

Milena is from Moscow, where she’s born 26 years ago. She started her career as a model a few years ago and she does it for pleasure (both her and ours :-P ) Milena loves to travel, meet new people, discover new dishes, and explore each country’s fashion! And she absolutely adooooored our dressing room! And for good reason! Milena can wear any style, from the Best lingerie to the most sophisticated evening dress or Tiny denim skirts … a real treat for the eyes — RUSSIA, 37/26/36, FAIR, Euro

Jan 272020

Here is Elis, Young Big tittied Huge tittied cuties tittied chicks Slave female from Czech Republic born in 1997. Blond, bleu eye, a very sexy smile and a perfect Body, Elis is a real jewel and she moves Get pleasure nobody else! Apart from being a model, Elis loves.. modeling ! :) This activity is a real passion for her and it’s easy to understand why wehn we look at her! She’s a fantastic Gal! She loves traveling, cooking for friends & reading mystic books ! An absolute MUST for your collection! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/24/35, Blondie, Euro

Jan 262020

Here is Jenny Wild, pure Enslaved cutie hottie from Czech Republic born 19 years ago. Jenny has all we can dream of when thinking of Czech Ladies… blue eyes, Blondie hair, clear perfect skin, little Pretty face and a real confidence & freedom with their Figure and sexuality. Jenny even told us that she regularly go to swingers clubs :-P She dreams of becoming a air hostess, as she feels nowhere better than when flying… — CZECH REPUBLIC, 28.1/24/31, Blondie, European

Jan 232020

Jessika is an amazing brunette from Canada where she’s born 20 years ago. Her plastic enticed her to start stripping in front of a Cam but she’s not a professional model… Sharing her Gal with you is a hobby for her and you will not see her any where else on Internet. Keep Jessika in the velvet case of iStripper and Get pleasure one of the rarest pearl you’ll ever have the chance to admire… — CANADA, 33/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 232020

Here is Sophie Ink, wonderful Russian brunette born in Moscow 27 years ago. She started her career very recently and loves exhibiting her many tatoos :) Apart from modeling, Sophie Likes reading classical literature and painting. She feels very close to animals and has decided to stop eating meat many years ago ! She will be our Chinese new year Dominant gals beauty for 2020 :) — RUSSIA, 34/24/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jan 232020

Eva is a cute Huge boobed Prego cuties tittied Slave female gal from Moscow, she’s 22. She started her career recently but we can promise her a long career if she’d choose to! Eva can adopt any style and Enjoy any character she has to embody and she express a lot of sensualism. Apart from modeling, Eva loves classical literature and music, she spends a lot of time cooking for her friends and she devotes the rest of her time playing online Movie games ! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, Blond, Euro