Dec 292022

The beautiful Sata Jones has come to us straight from St Petersburg, Russia! She brings happiness and laughter wherever she goes! Having her in the studio was a lot of fun! Before working in the adult industry, Sata was a model. But over time, she wanted to have a bit more fun when working ;) Her hobbies include reading, writing, and surprisingly enough, knitting. Sata Enjoys the calmness and sense of accomplishment knitting Gives her. You can tell that Sata takes pleasure during all of her Shows, which will only increase the pleasure you’ll get when watching! — RUSSIA, 37/26/39, FAIR, European

Dec 292022

This smiley model is no other than the beautiful Felice, from Kyiv, Ukraine. First time anal First time bum Wet amateur Vagina rub sex and foremost, Felice is a yoga professor! Her yoga skills really come in handy during her Demonstrates, they add a little bit of spice to her already Juicy Loving hole amateur Pussies performances! She is also currently learning how to do acupuncture! Felice is also a professional hair stylist! As you can tell by all of her hobbies, she’s very good with her hands! Felice told us during her shoot, that she was mainly working in the adult industry for the pleasure of it, but also Enjoys the other perks of the job, such as being able to travel for a living! — UKRAINE, 35/26.3/35, FAIR, Euro

Dec 292022

Christal comes from Malaga, Spain. At just 23 years Old, she already Demonstrates incredible talents for posing and Performing. Her red hair and diaphanous white skin Perform her a look that is both wild and delicate. Christal Enjoys playing a sassy Young Slave chicks female just as much as a sophisticated femme fatale. It’s a great find for iStripper and we haven’t finished hearing about her! — SPAIN, 31/24/36, RED HAIR, Euro

Dec 282022

Italy is in the spotlight with Layla Scarlett! Born in Bologna 24 years ago, Layla is a bomb of sensuality and femininity, as only Italians can be! Layla has the super sexy particularity of not being able to do without her Glasses which Perform her an additional charm. Her Italian curves are stunning, her generous hips a real poem! Layla studies international trade, she loves to travel, discover new cultures, new flavors and live new experiences… She is a sweet, calm Female, very attentive and super dignified and upright. — ITALY, 32/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Dec 272022

Curly hair, curvy Body, and a perfect smile! What more do you need from Mia Nix, a beautiful model from Santa Marta, Colombia. Mia has a fiery personality with a passion for all things that bring her pleasure! She has hypnotizing stage presence! I dare you to try and look away from her Demonstrates…it’s impossible! Her hobbies include dancing and singing. Her voice is as soft as her skin, and will make you fall in love in a second! Hopefully, she will be by our side again soon! — COLOMBIA, 30/27.6/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Chocolate

Dec 262022

Milena comes from Minsk, where she’s born in 1995. She’s a lovely sweet heart, new in the modeling universe and full of promises. Milena is a real chameleon, anything she wears suits her Get pleasure a charm! Curly hair, straight hair, tied hair Give her another personality… Shy, fierce and sometimes naughty, Milena will take you on a journey into her sensual universe! — BELARUS, 34/24/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Dec 252022

Christy White is a stunner from Athens, Greece. Her beautiful golden hair, show-stopping smile, and perfect Body will have you fall under her spell at the very sight of this angel. Her main hobbies include playing basketball, you’ll see for yourself that she’s quite a fan of bouncing! Christy also loves to dance for her own pleasure, and now for yours! Enjoy and feast your eyes on this precious gem! — GREECE, 31/26.3/34, Blond, European

Dec 242022

Rika Fane is a model from the city of Louny, located in the Czech Republic. She is absolutely stunning, and her personality matches her Amateur Woman gal! Rika is very athletic, which explains why she is in such good shape. Lately, she fell in love with Latino dancing. She uses this newfound passion in her Demonstrates, making them so interesting to watch! Not only does Rika have the face of an angel, but she also sings Enjoy one! Rika has been singing ever since she can remember! She’s also competing in many televised national competitions! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/25.5/35, Blond, European

Dec 222022

Helina Dream is a Gorgeous brunette with intense dark eyes from Kyiv, Ukraine. Ever since she was Teenager, Helina had a passion for dancing. As time went by she discovered her one true love, pole dancing. Thanks to her great skills in pole dancing her Shows are a real treat! Dancing also allows her to Get pleasure another one of her passions: music. She loves all kinds of music and can dance to anything! Helina is a perfect performer, and her presence in the studio will be missed! Hopefully, we’ll see her again very soon! — UKRAINE, 33/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Dec 212022

Lottie Magne comes from Russia, she’s born in 1998. Lottie is an Artist with a capital “A” ! Graphic designer, illustrator, actress, poet, dancer; she Cannot imagine her life without creating… And these artistic skills are indeed obvious on her iStripper Demonstrates ! She’s full of imagination and fantasies and each of her performance will dive you into a different universe… An amazing performer! — RUSSIA, 33/26.3/37, RED HAIR, European