Jun 292023

The beautiful Elle Mira is a model from Belarus. She is very passionate about dancing! Her favorite type is pole dancing, which comes in very handy during her job! Before becoming a performer, Elle used to study psychology. She Gets pleasure to decrypt people’s personalities and their way of thinking! One thing’s For sure, you won’t be able to think straight after watching her Demonstrates! — BELARUS, 35/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jun 292023

The beautiful Shania is from the Hot amateur Pussy Pussies city of Valencia, in Spain! Shania will tantalize you and has a certain sparkle in her eyes that adds that “je ne sais quoi” to her Woman-next-door! Above all else, Shania loves to travel! It’s one of the many perks of her job and one of her favorite parts! She also loves to dance! Shania looks so Elegant when she dances! In addition, ever since she was a little Baby, Shania has loved to sing! She’s definitely the full package! — SPAIN, 30/22.9/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jun 292023

Ryana is a sublime Blondie Huge boobed Latina ladies tittied Gals chick chick next Females-next-door from Ukraine. She’s a professional of yoga, she loves reading and traveling and she’s always in a good mood !!! And we can understand why : the simple fact to look at herself in the mirror in the morning must be enough to be in a good mood! Getting pleasure you, as soon as you will have downloaded her Exposes !!! — UKRAINE, 37/27.1/38, Blond, European

Jun 282023

The beautiful blue-eyed Blond, Bonni Gee, is from the United Kingdom, more precisely from London! For 17 years, Bonni was a hairdresser in a famous salon! Before discovering her love for Porno content, and before she started working in the adult industry, Bonni wanted to become a Video actress. But she quickly realized she wanted to do something a bit more exciting! Today, she has become a renowned model and has even been a Playmate several times! — UNITED KINGDOM, 36/28.1/32, Blondie, European

Jun 272023

Belka comes from Odessa, Ukraine. Belka’s Beauty-next-door is very closed to perfection. Delicate, sensual, smiling, voluptuous shapes, Belka is also a very good performer with many years of dancing lessons behind her. Apart from modeling, Belka is a professional painter, specialized in Cubism. And for the little story, Belka only drives Motos! It means a lot about her personnality :) She is our “Coup de Cœur”! — UKRAINE, 35/24/36, FAIR, Euro

Jun 262023

Get prepared to fall in love, Get pleasure all of us here! Here is Agatha Vega, a wonderful Redhead that we have rarely had the chance to welcome. Agatha comes from Venezuela, she’s smiling, warm, funny, sweet and a real chameleon. Agatha loves the beach, swimming in the sea, and… eat! Yeah, she’s a real hedonist. No doubt she’s gonna reach our TOP 5 sales in a breath, an absolute MUST for your collection! — VENEZUELA, 33/24/37, RED HAIR, Latin ladies chicks

Jun 252023

Alice Hernandez comes from an incredible mix between a Brazilian Dad and a Japanese Mommy, she currently lives in Japan. Alice has a strong character and a sensitive sensuality… Her talent for dancing and stripping is undeniable, she works regularly in clubs… She is a delight for the eyes and she hasn’t finished surprising you…. — JAPAN, 29.7/22.9/, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin Preggo cuties

Jun 222023

Emiri Momota is a beautiful Japanese model from Tokyo! Emiri has a lot of little hobbies but the one she is most fond of is fashion! She told us that she could’ve spent hours in our dressing room picking out outfits! She also loves cooking, and loves discovering different national foods as she travels the world! She couldn’t get enough of the French pastries and baguettes! Emiri is one of the most graceful models we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming with and we can’t Await to welcome her to Paris again for another Take! — JAPAN, 32/23.4/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

Jun 222023

The lovely Sirena Milano is from Moscow, Russia! Although it is Frequently very cold in her country, Sirena knows how to make the temperature rise! She told us that working in the adult industry was Get pleasure a revelation to her! She has never Liked working as much as she does now! She feels Get pleasure she has found he true passion! Sirena is passionate and also very good at what she does! Her full-time job is as a pole dancer, and you can really see her skills in her Shows! — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jun 222023

Samantha Cruuz is a model from Columbia! She has a very extroverted personality and is always bubbling with energy, which made it so much fun to film with her! Furthermore, Samantha is an amazing dancer! She discovered a passion for dancing when she was Teen, and has never stopped dancing since! Samantha Enjoys to stay active. She exercises every day and Likes to try different kinds of sports, especially the type of physical activity that involves a partner ;) — COLOMBIA, 35/28.1/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Black