May 312023

Emiri Momota is a beautiful Japanese model from Tokyo! Emiri has a lot of little hobbies but the one she is most fond of is fashion! She told us that she could’ve spent hours in our dressing room picking out outfits! She also loves cooking, and loves discovering different national foods as she travels the world! She couldn’t get enough of the French pastries and baguettes! Emiri is one of the most graceful models we’ve ever had the pleasure of filming with and we can’t Await to welcome her to Paris again for another Take! — JAPAN, 32/23.4/32, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

May 302023

Mara Blake is a Ukrainian model from Kyiv! She is a professional dancer, a skill that makes each of her performances worthwhile! Mara also does a bit of acting when she has the time, and also dabbles as a makeup artist! One of her main hobbies is teaching other models how to pose for erotic Pictures! You’ll see that Mara knows what she’s doing when it comes to posing! Overall Mara has all the skills she needs to become one of your favorite Girlies! — UKRAINE, 34/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

May 292023

Lilly Bella is a stunning blue-eyed brunette from the Czech Republic. She has a passion for mixed martial arts. Her husband is a professional fighter, which sparked her interest in the sport. When she’s not cheering on her husband in the ring, Lilly also works as a professional barmaid, serving up drinks with a smile. Furthermore, Lilly’s Mommy, Get pleasure her, also works in the adult industry. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 31/27.6/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

May 282023

Sky Pierce is a beautiful Canadian, from the city of Kelowna! There are a few things to know about Sky, but one of the most important ones is that she absolutely loves the color pink! It would be the only color she would ever wear if she could! Secondly, Sky is one of the biggest cat-lover! The more cats she has, the happier she is! As you can probably tell by her amazing physique, Sky is a top model! How could anyone resist such long legs? Lastly, Sky loves to travel! Whether it be Paris, Tokyo, or New-York, she loves discovering new cities and cultures! — CANADA, 30/24/32, Blondie, Euro

May 252023

Selva Lapiedra is a Brazilian model who lights up the room with her amazing smile and tantalizing energy. Originally from the vibrant city of Rio, Selva exudes the same energy and passion that her hometown is famous for. Selva is also an incredibly talented singer and dancer. Her captivating voice and mesmerizing dance moves will leave you in awe. Her passion for everything she does is evident in every performance, making her an undeniable force in the adult industry. Selva Lapiedra is a true talent, and we can’t for you to watch her Shows. — BRAZIL, 33/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, African

May 252023

The beautiful Sata Jones has come to us straight from St Petersburg, Russia! She brings happiness and laughter wherever she goes! Having her in the studio was a lot of fun! Before working in the adult industry, Sata was a model. But over time, she wanted to have a bit more fun when working ;) Her hobbies include reading, writing, and surprisingly enough, knitting. Sata Gets pleasure the calmness and sense of accomplishment knitting Gives her. You can tell that Sata takes pleasure during all of her Exposes, which will only increase the pleasure you’ll get when watching! — RUSSIA, 37/26/39, FAIR, Euro

May 252023

Marina Gold comes to us from the beautiful city of Lima in Peru! She is a Big tittied Enslaved chicks female Slave beauty chick of many talents! Apart from her stunning Beauty-next-door, Marina is a polyglot and Talks 5 languages including Chinese, French, and English! Before working in the adult industry, Marina used to study criminology in College! Moreover, she practices yoga every day, which helps her better handle stress and also makes her very, very Flexible! — PERU, 37/25.5/39, RED HAIR, Latin women Dominant beauties

May 242023

Get prepared to fall in love, Enjoy all of us here! Here is Agatha Vega, a wonderful Redhead that we have rarely had the chance to welcome. Agatha comes from Venezuela, she’s smiling, warm, funny, sweet and a real chameleon. Agatha loves the beach, swimming in the sea, and… eat! Yeah, she’s a real hedonist. No doubt she’s gonna reach our TOP 5 sales in a breath, an absolute MUST for your collection! — VENEZUELA, 33/24/37, RED HAIR, Latin chicks

May 232023

Alice Hernandez comes from an incredible mix between a Brazilian Dad and a Japanese Ma, she currently lives in Japan. Alice has a strong character and a sensitive sensuality… Her talent for dancing and stripping is undeniable, she works regularly in clubs… She is a delight for the eyes and she Does not hasn’t finished surprising you…. — JAPAN, 29/22/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin chicks

May 222023

The beautiful Elle Mira is a model from Belarus. She is very passionate about dancing! Her favorite type is pole dancing, which comes in very handy during her job! Before becoming a performer, Elle used to study psychology. She Gets pleasure to decrypt people’s personalities and their way of thinking! One thing’s I’m sure, you won’t be able to think straight after watching her Demonstrates! — BELARUS, 35/26/36, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro