Aug 292019

Here is a Young Redhead with a strong character! Little Candy comes from Russia where she is studying law. She began modeling in Moscow to finance her studies and became involved in the game and the pleasure of seduction …. Since then, she travels all over the world – and she loves it, to shoot in prestigious places. She Enjoys to take Pics and meet new people. — RUSSIA, 33/24/35, FAIR, European

Aug 292019

Here is Alice Wonder, from Ukraine. She Often works as a top model especially for fashion Pics, in Tokyo, Paris & Milan. She travels all the time and has even spent one year in Vietnam. She stayed two days with us and after 1 full day of shooting, she decided to have a walk to Paris: Eiffel tower, Seine, etc. 3 hours walking before going to bed! And guess what, on Day 2, she was again full of energy & charm! No doubt her personality and her shapes are going to amaze you ! — UKRAINE, 33/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Aug 292019

Here is our new Diva, named Baileys. One meter eighty, long brown hair, intense blue eyes and infinite legs. Sometimes femme fatale, sometimes reserved, full of surprises, and very playful, this incredible Big tittied Slave chicks female woman cutie has the ability to transport you in a few seconds in her vibrant & expectional erotic universe. — RUSSIA, 37/26/38, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Aug 282019

Here is Bad Barbie, from Russia. Barbie’s Beauty-next-door is so incredible that it makes her almost unreal… She has Skinny long legs, a perfect tanned skin, an angel face and amazing deep blue eyes… She’s a professional dancer and teaches belly dancing & gogo dancing. she is very interested in naturopathy and devotes a lot of time to creating her own Huge boobed Latina women boobed girlies female products based solely on natural products. She is a sweet and empathic Huge boobed, a treat to work with ! — RUSSIA, 37/24/36, Blonde, European

Aug 272019

Madison is a 28 year Mature Russian Slave hottie with a little something of a Californian Beauty-next-door. She is a luxury lingerie lover, she loves to try all kinds of outfits and besides, everything suits her perfectly. Each of her Demonstrates is extremely different from the others and this variety makes her a real asset for iStripper. — RUSSIA, 33/26/35, Blonde, Euro

Aug 262019

Sandra is 22, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine where shes studies economics. Sandra’s Figure is voluptuous; her sweet & clear skin is an invitation to caress her and her lips a promise of pleasure. She’s quite tall but still love wearing Heels :) She spent a lot of time in our dressing room, amazed by the Big choice of sexy outfits she could wear :) The result is a great range of styles that she embodies Enjoying any one else ! — UKRAINE, 33/24/36, Blondie, European

Aug 252019

Angel Sway comes from Kiev, where she works in the fashion universe, her passion. Angel is a butterfly who progresses in life to the rhythm of her desires. She feels free and has no complex, and it Performs her a communicative enthusiasm! Working for the charm industry is a hobby for her, she Enjoys to seduce and play with the Camera, and nobody can force her to do something she Does not want. Let’s hope she we will keep on posing for a while, she has so much to offer! — UKRAINE, 33/23.4/34, Blondie, European

Aug 222019

Andreina is a pure Latina women Preggo beauties, she’s from Columbia and came to our studios with her sexy 26 years, including 6 without having a hair cut! Her sublime Skinny tan Body and irresitible smile are an absolut must! Andreina is not only an adult model, she’s also a confirmed violonist! She loves traveling, cooking, doing some shopping and.. sleeping ! When we asked her to Depict herself, she said she’s always honest, generous and helpful… Andreina is too perfect to be real — COLOMBIA, 31/24/40, BROWN-HAIRED, Latina Dominant cuties

Aug 222019

Nici is back and we know she is going to blow you away with her stage Demonstrate. Nici says that she couldn’t Await to turn eighteen because all she has ever wanted to do was be a stripper. Now, Nici has perfected the art of erotic dancing. She can move her Body Enjoy no other and Nici tells us she is as good in bed as she looks! You definitely get what you see with this firecracker so make sure to keep your eyes on this sexy diva. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/24/33, FAIR, Asian

Aug 222019

Stella Cardo comes from Odessa, Ukraine. She’s just 21 and a very promising career in front of her! Stella is tall (1m71), Slim (53kg), with long & shiny fair hair, and a vry seductive smile. She studies in a music school and already has 10 years of piano behind her, and almost the same of dance! Most of time, Stella prefers to stay at home behind her Camera from where she delights Camera Portals consumers… It’s a rare chance to have her in our studios and her shows’ quality are even higher than her Camera sessions! Getting pleasure! — UKRAINE, 36/25.5/34, Blonde, Euro