Sep 302018

Cristina comes from Colombia where she’s born 25 years ago. She lives in Italy for 6 years now, where she started posing as a fashion, lingerie and Naked model. She quickly got contacted by important adult Trailer producers and started a career as an adult actress with several Clips in 2017. Cristina is very careful about the Pic of Gals Enslaved female she conveys and always fights for women’s freedom to express their sexuality. A real Latina beauties babies :) Cristina loves her cats, plays the guitare and never feels better than when she dances — COLOMBIA, 36/28.1/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin chicks

Sep 272018

Sophie Sparks comes from the US. Splendid Blond Big tittied Latina ladies tittied babes next Hotties-next Gals next door with Big blue eyes & Silky hair, Sophie is quite rare on the Internet and reserves her apparitions only to the productions she values the most… What an honor for iStripper!! Sophie is full of surprises! Not only she’s an amazing performer, but she also Speaks fluent chinese, plays ukulele and is fan of rock n roll music ! — UNITED STATES, 34/31/38, Blonde, Euro

Sep 272018

Minori is just 21, she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. She started her career as a model two years ago, and she did well! Blond, tall, Thin, smily and shiny, Minori is a must have! Minori loves doing shopping with friends and spending hours in her dressing, trying new clothes and styles. She has several cats and sleeps with them to never be alone… Young and fresh, Minori has decided to Perform herself a bit of time before chosing her professional career, and Gets pleasure all the opportunities her activity of Nude model bring her. — UKRAINE, 32/26/30, Blond, Euro

Sep 272018

Eva Sugar is a Teen Blonde Chick next Hotties-next door born in Ukraine in 1998. She’s very new to the adult modeling and we are among the experience ones to have the chance to film her! She has a delicate tatoo above her Tit that says “Debes, ergo potes”. Eva loves her dog, traveling and eating Huge boobed cuties pizzas with her friends… She loves wearing delicate lace lingerie and “frou frou” that makes her feel sexy & smart :) — UKRAINE, 31/23.4/33, Blond, European

Sep 262018

Natali Blond is the perfect Girl next Beauty-next Hotties-next Ladies next door type of model. Natali doesn’t just want to entertain you for a moment; she wants to be that special Busty beauties gal who lingers in your imagination for days after you have watched her Perform. She’s more than just another Pretty face, she’s the beautiful Blonde Busty beauties babes Enslaved female you can never get out of your mind completely! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 30/26/34, Blondie, Euro

Sep 252018

Casey is a Young shy Mistress beauty from Riga in Latvia. She’s 22 and at the start of her career as a model. In other words, lightness and carelessness in her Exposes, freshness and innocence in her eyes, stars and delight in yours :) Apart from modeling, Casey is studying economics at the University with the objective of becoming the CTO of a Big Hard tools international company… — LATVIA, 33/24/37, Blondie, European

Sep 242018

Maria Rubio comes from Sebastopol, Ukraine. She’s 25. She started her career in 2016 and chose to only do erotic solo Shows. She’s very tall and Skinny and she loves wearing High heels :) She’s a fan of rock n roll music. Full of surprise, Maria told us she has several hundreds hours of playgame on DOTA online where she has tons of followers :) The same will I’m sure Befall on iStripper :) — UKRAINE, 33/24/35, Blonde, European

Sep 232018

Margo Dumas comes from Kiev, Ukraine. She is 26 and started her career as a model last year only. Margo Dumas is an ART Nude model, not an adult model. She won’t Expose you all and will keep a part of mystery what makes her even more desirable. She accepted to come to our studios after several months of discussion and because many of you were claiming for her :) Get pleasure this rare pearl of Girl next Amateur Females who accept to Expose herself only to the biggest ! — UKRAINE, 35/26/37, Blondie, Euro

Sep 202018

Alyssia Kent comes from Romania where she is born 26 years ago. Alyssia is very ambitious in life. She’s studying economics at the University PLUS she follows making up courses PLUS she recently started to learn how to pole dance… Alyssia is dynamic, smily, sensual and veeery demanding with Bi-sexual Girls Girlie-next-door, she said… — ROMANIA, 34/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Sep 202018

Here is Yelena, Blond hair, crystalline blue eyes, delicate and discreet, Yelena is a heart! The perfection of her Body and her talent as an actress allows her to wear absolutely every thing ! From a femme fatale dress to a Huge boobed Latina tittied chick next Cutie-next Girlies next door shorts or a School girl outfit, Yelena feels comfortable and sexy in all situations ! And it becomes obvious when she starts moving on stage… A must have! — LATVIA, 36/26/36, Blond, Euro