Jan 312021

Sasha is a Teenager brunette from Romania where she’s born 28 years ago, totally unbelievable when you look at her, she looks just 20 :) Sasha rarely works as a model, she’s a real estate agent and no doubt she easely convince people to purchase overpriced villas :-P Sasha is ultra sensual, delicate and sweet and has “The most sexy eye contact EVER” said the photographer ! Apart from that, Sasha loves fashion, lingerie and Photo shot in general… — ROMANIA, 33/26.5/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 282021

Zuzu Sweet comes from Prague, she’s just 24. She started her career in late 2019 with local productions before getting called every where in the world to work with Big Fat rods productions ! Zuzu is very athletic, she does a lot of fitness, what explains her perfectly muscular Body and her splendid round Buttcheeks! Apart from her passion for modeling, Zuzu loves to go backpacking all alone and spends the rest of her time with her beloved dog… — CZECH REPUBLIC, 37/30/41, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 282021

Sally Gray comes from Madrid, Spain. She is 28. Sally is very discreet in the adult modeling and it has been an amazing joy and chance to have her in our studios. Sally is tall, with infinite legs, her hips have the perfect size, her Succulent Juggs are the most beautiful fake we’ve ever seen and a face is a jewel! Sally loves to interpret characters and she will be in turn your personal assistant, an Italian diva, a hard rocker or simply the Huge tittied chicks Enslaved babes female beauty hottie you dream of hugging … You will love Sally! — SPAIN, 37/25.5/38, FAIR, European

Jan 282021

Gia Ren is a Wet Loving hole amateur Pussy rubs holes Spanish Amateur Big tittied Latina women tittied Huge boobed Enslaved chicks female from Barcelona where she Performs as a Cam Hottie, most of her time. Gia loves fantasy, it’s a daredevil who is not afraid of anything! The only thing she hates in life is Winter! She spends her time running away from cold weather :-P You can trust her to warm your heart! — SPAIN, 37/28.1/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 272021

Yemma comes from Paris, France. She’s born 20 years ago. New to the adult modeling, Yemma is bold and daring and her sensuality only equals her research for pleasure and new experiences … A feast for the eyes, you will love her! — FRANCE, 31/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Black

Jan 262021

This is Scarlett Jones, from Cambridge, England. She is just 24 years Old. Scarlett started adult modeling for fun, she selects very carefully the productions for which she agrees to work and it is an honor to have her at iStripper. She loves caressing herself in front of the Cam imagining you looking at her. She loves new experiences, and if she prefers solitary pleasures it is because she finds her Finest pleasure there! Scarlett also loves … England, pudding, walking around London at Christmas and Paris! — UNITED KINGDOM, 33/24/32, Blondie, European

Jan 252021

Asia Rae comes from London, UK! She’s 25 years Mature and started her career in adult in early 2020. She has a splendid muscular Figure, a piercing on her tongue and tattooed on her thigh “Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words”. And I can tell you, her sensuality is way beyond words! — UNITED KINGDOM, 33/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, African

Jan 242021

Marica Chanelle is a Big tittied Latina women tittied lady beauty girl Big tittied Big tittied Latina women tittied Big tittied chicks next Hotties- who comes straight from Italy, with all that that implies in terms of shapes :-P Marica loves all types of sexual experiences, with Enslaved cuties and Big tittied Huge tittied women babes Pals, preferably if they are numerous :) Yes, she’s a sexual addict, this is why all her performances here for iStripper will be XXX, with some unforgettable Butthole insertion scenes! — ITALY, 37/31/36, Blonde, European

Jan 212021

We know Little Caprice is going to be a Big hit and rack up tons of fans here at Virtua Busty beauties Latina beauties tittied lady. She is Luxurious, sexy, and she knows how to move her hips. She loves exploring her sexuality and she gets so turned on knowing you are watching her strip for you in a private Show. Little Caprice has perfectly perky Mini Boobies, sexy feet, long legs, and eyes that will seduce you with a glance. — CZECH REPUBLIC, 32/26/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Jan 212021

Here is Tina Chanelle and it makes no doubt that she’s Marica’s sister! Tina comes from Italy, she’s 29 and she benefits from a wonderfully Thin and long Body :) She’s passionated by all pleasures, including posing for sexy photoshoots! Among her pleasures, Tina of course includes Italian food and she told us that all her friends consider her to be the Finest Lasagna maker in all Italy! Besides modeling and cooking, Tina practices yoga and dancing every day, which Gives even more charm to her sensual poses ! — ITALY, 33/27.6/33, Blond, European