Feb 202023

Kirke is a talented dancer from Warsaw, Poland! She will make your heart melt with her Neat and graceful performances. With a passion for dance and a love for reading and travel, Kirke brings a unique energy to her Shows and always leaves a lasting impression on whoever is watching. She is a rising star in the industry thanks to her talent and infectious personality. — POLAND, 35/27.6/39, Blond, Euro

Feb 092023

Christal comes from Malaga, Spain. At just 23 years Old, she already Demonstrates incredible talents for posing and Giving. Her red hair and diaphanous white skin Give her a look that is both wild and delicate. Christal Enjoys playing a sassy Young Slave female just as much as a sophisticated femme fatale. It’s a great find for iStripper and we haven’t finished hearing about her! — SPAIN, 31/24/36, RED HAIR, Euro

Feb 092023

Rika Fane is a model from the city of Louny, located in the Czech Republic. She is absolutely stunning, and her personality matches her Amateur Big tittied female! Rika is very athletic, which explains why she is in such good shape. Lately, she fell in love with Latino dancing. She uses this newfound passion in her Exposes, making them so interesting to watch! Not only does Rika have the face of an angel, but she also sings Get pleasure one! Rika has been singing ever since she can remember! She’s also competing in many televised national competitions! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 33/25.8/35, Blondie, Euro

Jan 122023

Kelly Collins is from Moscow, Russia. She is the living definition of charming! Her elegance is unrivaled and her smile is almost too beautiful to handle! Kelly loves to dance, she sees it as a way of expressing herself, without having to say a word! Her Shows definitely prove her right! She is one of the sweetest models we’ve had the pleasure of having. She reads, she sings, she draws…and the list goes on! She would be a Dominant girls girlie gentleman of every form of art there is if she had the time! Let yourself be mesmerized by Kelly with her remarkable performances! — RUSSIA, 30/26/32, Blondie, European

Jan 122023

Sonya Blaze is a beloved Woman-next Hotties-next Latina females next door from Moscow, Russia. Her enchanting Body will leave you speechless. Sonya Performs everything in each and every one of her performances, we can’t promise you won’t fall in love. Sonya not only possesses an undescribable sex appeal, she is also fascinated by sex and the psychology behind it. This fact is not hard to believe once you see how easily she can make your mind and Body aroused. She used to be a real top-model but realised that her long legs and beautiful Succulent Hooters were too exquisite of a sight not to share with others, and started working in Porno. She has traveled around the globe, from living in India to Thailand to Hungary. She even learnt traditional asian dances which she puts to good use in her Exposes. You simply Don’t want to miss out on this amazing Gals who is Ensured to make your head spin. — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Jan 122023

Any Moloko, is a sweet-faced model from Kyiv, Ukraine! She is an absolute stunner!!! Now Any has a very interesting and unique hobby! This beautiful model collects the stickers you can find stuck onto fruits! Yes, that’s right! This is a First time butt First bum hole sexual for any iStripper model! But Any doesn’t spend her time collecting stickers! She also has an indescribable love for animals and an appreciation for cinema, travel, and reading! Just Get pleasure her hobbies Any Moloko is unique and is an exquisite performer! — UKRAINE, 32/24/35, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Dec 212022

Lottie Magne comes from Russia, she’s born in 1998. Lottie is an Artist with a capital “A” ! Graphic designer, illustrator, actress, poet, dancer; she Cannot imagine her life without creating… And these artistic skills are indeed obvious on her iStripper Demonstrates ! She’s full of imagination and fantasies and each of her performance will dive you into a different universe… An amazing performer! — RUSSIA, 33/26.3/37, RED HAIR, European

Dec 202022

This beautiful Blondie is Svetlana U! She came to us from her hometown Kherson in Ukraine! It is important to underline how positive and full of energy Svetlana was when filming with us! She has such an adorable personality which made working with her so much fun! Svetlana has a few surprising hobbies! First butt Juicy amateur Loving hole rub sexual experience off, she plays the violin perfectly and is a Big fan of classical music. She also loves spending her time roller-blading whenever she can. Svetlana told us she was a nudist which was the only thing we were not surprised about :) Her Demonstrates are as amazing as her! Enjoy! — UKRAINE, 34/26/37, Blond, Euro

Dec 092022

Erin Pink comes from Ukraine where she’s born. Tall, Skinny, with super long fair hair, a super confident way of posing, Erin has every of a femme fatale… She started modeling in 2020 and records an amazing success, always carefully selecting the studios she accepts to work with… Apart from modeling, Erin is super fan of Mylene Farmer, she loves all animals and she spends a lot of time drawing and painting… — UKRAINE, 33/25.8/38, FAIR, European

Nov 302022

Bogdana is born in Kyiv in 1995. She’s quite a new face in the adult modelling and her career promises to be as long as she desires, if you consider the perfection of her Figure and her charming smile… Bogdana goes jogging EVERY DAY of the year and spends the rest of her free time reading classical literature… we can easely Image her lying on her sofa with Huge tittied Latin ladies Penises pink socks and a cup of tea :) Dancing is for her the recipe for a good mood and she Performs her the impression that she’s dancing all day long! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, Blondie, European