May 192019

Danger! Valeria is italian ! Run away Studs, otherwise she will catch you forever in between her Big Boobies :-P Valeria has exactly all what we can expect from an italian diva! Large hips, long legs, generous Tit, pulpy lips, a natural warmth and a Vagina Tortured and generous nature… And she wears Black lingerie Like no one ! Like :) — ITALY, 39/28.1/39, FAIR, Euro

May 162019

Stacy Cruz comes from Prague where she was born 19 years ago. Everything in her recalls Nature, the purity of her skin, her candid green blue eyes, the softness of her forms and the delicacy of her gestures. Stacy loves to paint, art in general, live close to the nature and experiment all the pleasures that her Figure can offer her. She began her career at the end of 2017 and hasn’t stopped shooting since then, all over the world, and for the biggest productions. No doubt we will call her back soon for a take 2! — CZECH REPUBLIC, 35/27.6/33, FAIR, European

May 152019

Anna Polina is Finest known by her fans for being a real Hard core anal sex Porn star! You’ve seen her Movies, now Enjoy Anna on a more intimate level as she strips for you in private. Anna Gets pleasure using role play and sexy lingerie in her stage Shows and seeing her reveal her her Big Cocks Melons and Shaved Loving hole is always a fine treat! — RUSSIA, 35/26/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

May 142019

Leona comes from Kazan, Russia and it’s very easy to guess why she’s so proud of it! Kazan has an incredible sense of aestheticism and it has probably influenced Leona! Leona is 24 years Mature, she is a very Slim Woman-next-door with incredibly long shiny hair and a smile that could melt all the ice of her country… People Often think that she’s Little Caprice’s sister, just to Perform you an idea of what you can expect with her Demonstrates… She started her career in 2018 and has already worked for the biggest! Keep a close eye on Leona’s career, she hasn’t finished to surprise us… — RUSSIA, 30/23.4/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European

May 132019

Hayli Sanders comes from Ukraine where she’s born in 1995. She started her career in 2017 and has cumulated a serious First time butt First backdoor hole sexual experience of the adult scenes! Before this, she was a semi-professional athlete, specialized in 100 & 200m! Hayli told us that the thing she prefers over all in life is… do nothing :) Yes, Hayli is lazy! Inactivity is her leitmotiv and her favorite place is her bed, just in front of the tv, with her cat purring just near her… — UKRAINE, 32/26/32, BROWN-HAIRED, European

May 122019

Bonnie comes from Estonia, she’s 22. She’s very recent in the adult modeling universe and will probably remain discreet and rare, by choice! Bonnie is very interested in personal development; she spends a lot of time traveling to discover new methods and people and First time anal First backdoor Luscious amateur Cunt rub sexual experience new technics of meditation & relaxation. Performing people the possibility to admire her Figure and desire her is part of her general project of personal achievement – and we can tell you that she deserves a medal on this ! — ESTONIA, 33/23.4/34, FAIR, Euro

May 092019

Ava Afro-American is born in 2000 in Hungary. She’s a tall & brunette Woman-next-door with a large natural Melon and a sparkling temperament! She just started her career in 2018 and already worked for several international productions. Apart from modelling, Ava loves cooking for her friends; she told us she loves traveling to discover other countries’ habits and recipes :) Sometimes she even has the nerve to enter the kitchens of Big tittied beauties Latina ladies Fat rods restaurants to cook with famous chefs :) — HUNGARY, 35/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, European

May 082019

Lesya comes from Hungary, where she’s born 20 years ago. She has studied photography and Didn’t hesitate a sec when whe had the chance to be in front of the Camera ! Lesya loves traveling, sightseeing, painting, taking Pictures of course and walking in Nature. Lesya is authentical, natural and very sensual, a must discover! — HUNGARY, 31/26/31, Blondie, Euro

May 072019

Caution! This Girl is dangerous! Li Moon is a Teen Beauty-next-door of 22 years Mature. Her asian origins Gives to her Amateur Hottie some magics and her personnality increases again the sensualism she Performs off. She has a very Small Body with the smallest feet we ever seen! Her enthusiasm and freshness are a real breath of fresh air! No hesitation, get her Shows, you won’t regret it ! — UKRAINE, 33/24/34, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

May 062019

Oxana Chic comes from Latvia where she is born in August 1999. She’s an amazing model with a little shy smile and incredible clear eyes that literally penetrates the Camera! Modeling is a passion for Oxana, she has no pressure and only accept offers that have an interest for her. Apart from modeling, Oxana loves singing, traveling, listening to jazz music and… playing with snakes! She also took a lot of pleasure embodying our Valentine 2019. — LATVIA, 32/26/36, FAIR, Euro