Aug 182019

Here is Alice Wonder, from Ukraine. She Frequently works as a top model especially for fashion Pictures, in Tokyo, Paris & Milan. She travels all the time and has even spent one year in Vietnam. She stayed two days with us and after 1 full day of shooting, she decided to have a walk to Paris: Eiffel tower, Seine, etc. 3 hours walking before going to bed! And guess what, on Day 2, she was again full of energy & charm! No doubt her personality and her shapes are going to amaze you ! — UKRAINE, 33/25.5/35, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Aug 152019

Danger! Valeria is italian ! Run away Pals, otherwise she will catch you forever in between her Big tittied Latina beauties Melons :-P Valeria has exactly all what we can expect from an italian diva! Large hips, long legs, generous Melon, pulpy lips, a natural warmth and a Loving hole rubs and generous nature… And she wears Black lingerie Get pleasure no one ! Enjoy :) — ITALY, 39/28.1/39, FAIR, European

Aug 152019

Francys is from Rio de Janeiro! And she’s veeery Wet Pussy amateur Vaginas ! She’s 36, which is totally unthinkable, except when considering the multiple experiences she had over the time and that makes her say today that she prefers sex in groups! Apart from her career, Francys loves reading books and cooking very long & complicated meals that she Getting pleasure sharing with her whole group of (sex) friends! — BRAZIL, 35/24/35, FAIR, Euro

Aug 152019

Here is Kecy, our cameleon from Moscow! From a shy smiling Woman-next Females-next door to a sulky Teenager, a femme d’affaires or a Bi-sexual Dominant Prego cuties Mistress chick doll, Kecy Gets pleasure playing games ! She’s also Crazy of moutains & travels and get passionated by new healthcare methods and yoga. Kecy is very nice to work with, she’s sweet, patient, delicate and very attentive to our needs… I know the studio crew dreamt in silence of marrying her… — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro

Aug 142019

Stella Flex is very new to the adult modeling, she started her career this year only and she doesn’t stop shooting since then! She comes from Russia where she’s born in 1996. She’s very impressive at the pole and her stage name “flex” is particularly well adapted to the capacities of her muscular & Flexible Figure! And we have 9 Demonstrates of her to offer you ! — RUSSIA, 35/25.8/36, FAIR, Euro

Aug 132019

Angelika comes from Ukraine, where she learnes and teaches how to strip and does a lot of yoga. She has a cute innocent face and a very sensual Body! She’s the kind of person who watches carefully over herself and is able to spread a lot of positive energy all around her and working with her is simply a delight. — UKRAINE, 35/25.5/35, Blonde, European

Aug 122019

Eva is a cute Chick from Moscow, she’s 22. She started her career recently but we can promise her a long career if she’d choose to! Eva can adopt any style and Getting pleasure any character she has to embody and she express a lot of sensualism. Apart from modeling, Eva loves classical literature and music, she spends a lot of time cooking for her friends and she devotes the rest of her time playing online Clip games ! — RUSSIA, 35/24/35, Blond, Euro

Aug 112019

Caliente !!!! Veronica Leal is from Colombia. She’s born in Sardinata in 1993. She Portrays herself as a Human Lover… She’s full of energy, always smiling, she Likes every little pleasure in life and has no limit discovering new things, tasting new food or new sexual practices… Veronica shines so much that you will have no choice but feeling positive and happy when she’ll dance on your taskbar! — COLOMBIA, 35/21.3/24, Blond, Latina beauties cuties

Aug 082019

Leyla Fiore is a Teenager Beauty-next-door from Moscow where she’s born 21 years ago :-P With such an angel face, we would imagine Leyla as pure and innocent, and the tatoo on her right arm reveals what exactly Occured on our stage: Leyla can be a very naughty Beauty :-P Apart from modeling, Leyla does a lot of tennis she even plays in semi-professional section! And she told us she listens to a lot of Rock’n roll :-P — RUSSIA, 33/23.4/33, FAIR, European

Aug 082019

Inna Innaki comes from Athene, Greece! She’s 30 years Old and looks 20. She’s a real greek brunette with a Slender muscular Figure, a perfect tan skin and intense look! She has everything of a Femme Fatale! Inna loves traveling, dancing & doing gym. Apart from that, she’s passionated by the Champions league and never miss a match! In brief, she’s perfect :-P — GREECE, 34/25.8/34, BROWN-HAIRED, European