Sep 232021

Mary Popiense is from Spain, and although she Did not come down from the sky with an umbrella in her hand, her Shows will make you wonder if she’s magic! Mary has Luxurious, long Blondie hair, that matches her infinitely long legs! A beautiful Beauty Slave chicks beauty chick, with a mesmerizing look! She loves to travel, especially in countries with prevalent nature! She is also passionate about animals, which might explain her wild personality! Mary is a very artistic person and this can be seen in her Shows! She sure knows how to make people pay attention! — SPAIN, 30/23.4/35, FAIR, Euro

Sep 232021

Zlata Shine is a tall and beautiful Blonde from Ryazan in Russia. She possesses a certain authority that will make, even the toughest of you, feel dominated! Zlata is a Big tittied beauties lady who Enjoys the simple things in life! She is fond of travel and always appreciates a good meal! She is also a Big Cocks fan of Rock music, which fits perfectly with her dominating personality! Another passion of Zlata’s is sex! It may be a part of her job, but it only makes her Enjoy it more! — RUSSIA, 39/28.1/39, Blond, European

Sep 222021

Rebecca Volpetti is Italian, she lives in Rome when not in a plane for shooting! She’s just 21yo and yet 3 full years of modeling! She has a tatoo above her right hip that says: “Fall down seven times, Stand up eight”, a japanese proverb that reveals a lot of her italian personality: sunny shiny and Simultaneously strong and resistant! Nothing can stop her career, especially not her Slim, toned & beautiful Figure! — ITALY, 30/26.3/29, Blondie, Euro

Sep 212021

Are you ready for Asia Vargas? This Dominant babes chick with a Figure comes to us from Columbia, although she currently lives in Madrid. Asia is 32 years Old yet she Doesn’t look a day over 20! This Latin women chicks has a creative soul and is passionate about all things involving art in any way! Asia is not only a very talented painter, spending days at a time to complete each work of art, she is also a successful author! Her very own book of short stories is published in Spain! She also considers dancing as one of her favorite forms of art, during which she can express herself! Asia will impress you with the performances she delivers, so buckle up! — COLOMBIA, 34/26.3/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Asian

Sep 202021

Mimi Cica looks Getting pleasure she has come straight out of a fairy tale, with her nordic Blondie hair and light green eyes. Fun fact! The word “Cica” means “Kitten” in Hungarian and perfectly defines this cute yet ferocious Female. Mimi’s life motto is “Shy on the streets, nasty in the sheets”, and she intends to stick to that motto! She is a very sport-oriented Bi-sexual, and Enjoys to take care of herself; healthy Figure, healthy mind! And if you’ve ever seen her Body, you can definitely say it is much more than just healthy… Mimi Speaks multiple languages including German, Hungarian, Finnish, Swedish, and English!!! A physically and intellectually attractive Chick! — FINLAND, 35/26/36, Blonde, Euro

Sep 192021

Clea Gaultier is a French model from Paris, famous in the adult industry for her great work! She has an amazing pair of Tits, and eyes so blue they will mesmerize you! Her eye color is only accentuated by her long dark hair! Clea possesses a certain elegance that is hard to find nowadays! Clea loves to dance, which is why she is so good at what she does! She has incredible agility and her limbs are In Fact elastic! Her French charm will capture your attention without her even trying! A real diamond of a Gal! — FRANCE, 33/25.8/33, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Sep 162021

Camila Palmer is a beautiful Latin chicks from Bogota, Columbia. Her lovely smile is bright enough to light up a room! Camila is not only a talented adult entertainer, but she also is a Huge boobed Prego cuties Dicks fan of photography and loves to film and edit Clips. Although she loves to take Pics and Video clips, she does prefer to be in front of the Camera. She also Likes playing volleyball, which explains why she has such an amazing-looking Ass Wet amateur Pussy masturbate Backdoor hole insertions Anus Luscious Cunt amateur Pussy Vagina masturbates hole rub insertion! She is also very passionate about traveling, and spends as much time as possible discovering new countries! Camila is a breath of fresh air and her fiery personality is more than enough to make you fall head over High heels for her! — COLOMBIA, 35/28.4/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Latin ladies Preggo beauties

Sep 162021

Sarah Sultry is from a Mini town in Ukraine where she’s born 34 years ago. Her deep blue eyes and dark Blondie hair are as complimentary as her beautiful Juggs and Big Fat rods Butt Asshole Luscious amateur Vagina rub insertion insertion. She used to be a professional Top Model before working in the adult entertainment industry. She also is a Fitness Champion and is incomparably Flexible. A talent that makes her Demonstrates that much better. Sarah was also a ballerina, which only enhanced her dancing skills. If you want to get to know Sarah a bit better, her Shows should Talk for themselves… — UKRAINE, 35/28.4/36, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Sep 162021

Noah Pink is from the Vagina Vaginas city of Barcelona! Wherever she goes, she brings the heat with her! She is only 22 years Old and yet it seems Like she’s had many more years of First butt Luscious amateur Loving hole masturbates hole sexual experience! Noah absolutely loves to dance! You can see it in her Demonstrates; you will rarely see any womens’ hips move Getting pleasure hers! Truly breathtaking!!! Get pleasure all 22 year olds, Noah Enjoys a good party during which she can let loose! She also Gets pleasure going on Big Penises shopping sprees and by herself the tightest shirts and shortest dresses! Although Noah has a “crazy” side, she is also a Big Hard tools fan of all things romantic and can spend hours reading romantic fiction. Get to know both sides of this lovely Spaniard in her hypnotizing Exposes! — SPAIN, 30/24/33, Blonde, European

Sep 152021

Claudia Bavel comes from Barcelona. She’s 24 and Depicts herself as an “ACTRIZ X & MODELO WEBCAM”. And what actress! Behind her activity in adult, Claudia is a real business Huge boobed Latin beauties boobed girlies chick, she manages her career with a master’s hand ! She wants to make the most out of her passion for sex and pleasure and we can only encourage her in this great direction :) — SPAIN, 33/26/37, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro