Feb 192023

Candice is a sweet model from Odessa, Ukraine. Candice has a strong passion for tattoos! You can see a beautiful rose tattooed on her chest. She told us it has a very strong meaning for her! She also loves fashion and always keeps tabs on the latest trends, although she doesn’t mind wearing anything at all! Her beautiful smile and energetic Shows will conquer your heart! — UKRAINE, 35/26/39, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Nov 222022

Paola Hard is a Spanish Chick from Cordoba. With her doe eyed gaze and her long Blondie hair, Paola will take you to the Seventh Heaven. Behind her innocent look she hides a very sensual personality. Her incomparable physique has made her every man’s desire which explains why Paola is Frequently asked to Perform at bachelor parties. Although Paola is a very shy person during everyday life, she feels free to Show her true colors when she is Performing on stage. Paola treats her Body Enjoy a temple. She puts a lot of effort into staying as healthy as possible and Does not drink alcohol. Although she doesn’t drink, Paola will easily make you drunk on desire. — SPAIN, 35/24/35, FAIR, European

Jul 262022

Ellie Luna comes from Ukraine, she’s 23 years Mature and a professional make up artist. Ellie LOVES arts in all forms… She’s also a fan of Paris and knows absolutely everything about the French capital, its history, culture, architecture, etc… And even her performances are very artistic ! We sometimes had the feeling she was posing Get pleasure on a painting :) — UKRAINE, 34/26/38, BROWN-HAIRED, European

Oct 262021

Dee Vine is a beautiful Blonde from Warsaw, Poland. She has a Figure that would make anyone’s heart melt, and her smile is very contagious! During her free Time Dee Vine loves to travel, although her work allows her to do so Often, she Gets pleasure to set off on a personal adventure and discover beautiful landscapes on her own! A true nature-lover! She is also quite the bookworm, and always has a book with her on set! Another, much less expensive way, for her to travel around the world! Try not to fall too hard for her, if you can! — POLAND, 31/24/35, Blonde, European

Apr 262017

Juicy Pussy amateur Loving hole Cunt Pussy Punished hole masturbating masturbates holes, sexy, and petite are all adjectives used to Depict the ever so lovely Gloria. Standing a mere 5′ 1″ tall, Gloria is proof that good things come in Mini packages. She may be petite but her Boobies are nice and Huge boobed Latin women and they have just the right amount of bounce to them as she moves around on stage getting Nude for you. Gloria is 21 years Mature and she comes from Kiev, Ukraine. While at University she started working towards a degree in psychology but decided to take some time off and travel the world while perfecting and focusing on her career as an erotic dancer. Gloria loves how sexy Giving makes her feel. Stripping has allowed her to get in touch with her sexuality and feel empowered by it. In her personal life, Gloria is a Huge shopper. She loves getting together with her GFs to hit the local malls where they tend to gravitate towards trendy clothing shops and expensive boutique lingerie establishments. She also Enjoys going to the gym, dancing and relaxing on the couch on rainy Sunday mornings. In her take 2, Gloria has also participated to our tests for the pane-glass animations :) — UKRAINE, 34/28.1/31, BROWN-HAIRED, Euro